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Graffiti Writing A-Z: Cool Tagging Letters, Bubble Effects

Graffiti writing A-Z black and white. Tagging letters cool, with a slight bubble effect look nicer. Examples of graffiti writing letters A-Z cool. Can you make amazing graffiti as above. different styles.


Cool Graffiti Fonts, Vector Illustration

Cool Graffiti Fonts, Vector Illustration. Graffiti alphabet A-Z vector. Black and white graffiti letters with different styles. Can emulate any graffiti letters from A to Z. You can use to create a wall with graffiti art graffiti fonts above. Congratulations creativity.


Graffiti Alphabet II BlackBook Fox

Graffiti Alphabet II BlackBook Fox. AZ Graffiti letters black and white with freestyle creator. You can also emulate the style of each of the letters to make name graffiti.


What is love?

Are you in love with him/her?
You really did love him didn’t you?
These are questions not uncommon for a therapist to ask. Well I ask such questions in my work as a psychotherapist from time to time. Generally speaking most people can answer those with a degree of certainty.
When asked such a question I have found that most can answer the question quite quickly and feel a degree of certainty in their answer whether that be yes or no. Sometimes you get an answer like, 
“Well I could have if...”
there had been time, or if circumstances would have allowed us to 
and so on.

Pick up girls

The point at hand is that generally speaking people tend to know. This has always surprised me a bit over the years because it raises an odd situation. The person who can answer this question is one who has contact with their Free Child ego state. When they answer the question it is the Free Child that speaks. However ask them to explain what love is and they can’t, as no one can.
Thus we have the odd situation where the Adult ego state cannot explain what love is but the Free Child knows if it has it or not.

ES Function 2

The person who finds it difficult to answer is that who has poor access to the Child ego state aspect of their personality, especially the Free Child. That is why when asked the one’s who respond reasonably quickly are the ones who generally know. Those who take a bit of time tend to be those who go to their Adult ego state for the answer and of course the Adult ego state cannot answer it. The Adult ego state does not know, instead it is the Free Child that knows.



How long does it take to form a new habit?

Habit is all about the relationship between repetition and automaticity. If a person starts a new behaviour and repeats it every day how long does it take for that behaviour to become automatic (habitual).
A person smokes marijuana everyday for a year. He then stops smoking marijuana = the new behaviour. How long will it take for the non smoking to become habitual or automatic. The answer is that there is not a linear relationship between repetition and automaticity. Instead the relationship results in an asymptotic curve as shown in this diagram.

Asymptotic curve of habit

The early days of the repetitions result in a quick increase in automaticity. After a time this slows and there is a plateau effect in the automaticity where more repetitions result in little increase in the automaticity.
A behaviour is generally regarded as fully habitual when a person reaches 95% of asymptote. A 100% is when further repetitions result in no more increase in automaticity and there is a complete plateau. Research suggests that the time to reach 95% of asymptote takes 66 days. There can however be considerable variation with a range from 18 to 254 days.

Woman smoking

Hence it can be said that for one to become a fully habitual non marijuana smoker will take 66 days. At that time the fully formed habit assists the person not to smoke marijuana again.


Habit - friend or foe?

Kahless makes a good point with her comment
As for switching addictions, how can you switch a food addiction when you still have to partake in it everyday? 
Humans are habitual creatures, very much so. Habitual drug use is no exception. One part of the reason why some people use drugs excessively is because the drug use becomes a habit. To stop using one has to break the habit. 
However habit is both the drug users worst enemy and best friend depending on the timing. 
If one has used marijuana almost everyday in the previous two months then there is a strong habitual urge to use again today.
If one has not used marijuana in the previous two months then there is a strong habitual urge not to use today.

Dog sniffer

Breaking a habit is a waiting game that turns habit from your enemy into your friend. If you can just not use long enough then the new non using behaviour becomes habitual. One becomes a habitual non drug user and thus it is easier to not use.
Of course one can not use any marijuana at all and still exist but one cannot stop eating completely. Thus the habitual aspect to eating can never stop. Thus one can argue that a food addiction is harder to break than a drug addiction. 
Of course how and what one eats will be in part determined by habit, but it is harder to stop a food addiction because one cannot stop eating completely.


UK politicians who admit to using marijuana
Current Prime Minister of the UK, David Cameron has stated that he is “not issuing denials” about newspaper stories which claim he had used marijuana
Jacqui Smith
Alistair Darling
Ruth Kelly
Andy Burnham
Harriet Harman
Hazel Blears
Vernon Coaker
Caroline Flint
Patricia Hewitt
Tony McNulty
Mo Mowlam
Boris Johnson


US politicians who admit to using marijuana
George W. Bush
Bill Clinton
Newt Gingrich
Al Gore
John Kerry
Barack Obama
Sarah Palin
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Jesse Ventura
Australian politicians who admit to using marijuana
Julia Gillard
Malcolm Turnbull
Kevin Rudd
Wayne Swan
Peter Garrett
Tony Abbott